Hello, my name is Oprea Elena Cristina and I’ve started the journey into the humanist study world with the intention and desire to connect with human beings at a deeper level and discover through various forms all of their beautiful colours.

I have a strong background in language studies, specialising in English, Italian and French at the Ovidius University in Constanta. Having a strong passion to study foreign languages and taking a liking to being a translator/interpreter alongside the desire to garden beautiful relationships with new people and existing ones around me, I have always considered the study of foreign languages as being one of the most effective tools people can use to connect and communicate with each other.

Furthermore, following my training on the I AM project in Coaching and PNL( Neurolinguistic Programming), delivered by The Mind Of The Child Institute, a unique personal development journey in Italy, I have enriched my field of knowledge. This project has given me the opportunity to develop and expand another new and fascinating experience in my professional activity, in which, the empathic spirit, highly relational and the contact with the audience have been aspects of great focus and importance.

The opportunity to study and deepen Numerology, this elaborate and profound knowledge, has fueled my idea of the possibility to mix these tools together and make this blend available to everyone interested in these topics, through sharing and providing my knowledge whilst applying my skills, expertise and personal experience in this regard.


e-mail: babyblue_crissy@yahoo.com

tel.: +39 346 965 4656

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