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The Complete Numerology Chart is automatically generated in the Secret of Numbers app and includes the interpretations of all houses and numerology structures as you can find them in the app or in the book – Numerology Handbook. It is recommended to grant special attention both to the significance of the house, of the chart or the numerology structure described, and its interpretation.

It is well known that the most profound interpretations are achieved when more aspects are put together and the most powerful personality features are those repeating at least 3 times within the Complete Numerology Chart. Even if you are not yet Numerology specialists, the text of your numerology chart will be conceived in such a way so you can understand even the most hidden particularities of the analyzed profile.  

The Complete Numerology Chart will be accompanied by a text describing the way in which its study is recommended, all the more so as the Numerology chart is automatically generated and sent to you, without being re-written by another numerologist.  

A lot of the aspects you will read in the Complete Numerology Chart will be extremely familiar to you, but you might be surprised by some of them. A careful approach of all details and a meditative attitude are enough to understand more easily the most intimate features characterizing you since the moment you were born. Some of them will be easier to identify, others will perhaps manifest later in your life, but all that is depicted by this work totally represents you. 

All I have left is to wish you a pleasant reading and a useful travel in the adventure of your life! 

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Your Personal Year 

Starting from the simple electrons rotating around the nucleus of an atom, continuing with the cyclicity of days and nights created by  the Earth’s rotational motion around its axis, with the succession of seasons, with the rotational motion of the planets around the sun and even of the entire solar system around the centre of the galaxy  we are a part of each element of creation is subjected to an evolution marked by a cyclical or repetitive course.

The existence of human beings, animals, plants, minerals and of all more or less perceptible phenomena that define their inner and  outer interactions is subjected without the slightest deviation to certain universal laws that determine their evolutionary trajectory. 

Since the day of their birth, each person is evolving based on a personal code, made up through a special calculation of their date of birth. The App enables an accurate calculation of the Personal Evolution Cycle and it offers an exact interpretation on the current stage of a person’s life, as well as on their future evolution. 

The Personal Year starts on the birth date and lasts until the following birthday, presenting the general path to take during the relevant year. The Personal Sub-Cycles are calculated using a specific formula which is customized for each birth date. Based on the Personal Evolution Cycle, a person can experience between 1 to 10 personal sub-cycles during a Personal Year. All interpretations are available in the App, relative to the type of account activated.  

The new element of the App is the possibility to calculate Forecasts for a specific day in the future. To this end, the user can calculate the Personal Year and the Personal Sub-Cycle which they will experience on a certain day in the future, in order for them to be able to best organize the activities performed. Moreover, it enables the same type of calculation for a day of the past, so that the relevant person may identify more easily the causes which led to a more or less pleasant event.  

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