Numerology is an ancient knowledge representing an ancient language of symbols and a universal expression of the reality surrounding us. The one capable of penetrating the secrets of this knowledge will be able to decipher any message, regardless of the time period it was created in. Numbers describe the evolution of the Universe from the first moment of creation, reducing everything to stages and cyclical periods of time. Each figure is a symbol bearing in its representation correspondences with an impressive array of elements and terms from the surrounding environment. 

Numerology is a practical system, easy to understand and use, which can now be employed in all fields. Numerological calculations help develop intuition, identify and take advantage of character traits, improve relationships, indicate the positive influences in a person’s life and offer answer to all questions a person could have. 

The belief in the power of numbers has lasted for thousands of years, its very long existence attesting its authenticity. The mystical veil enveloping it is easily removed by those who dare see beyond appearances, who have the curiosity and courage to venture in the fascinating world of remarkable achievements. 

In its complexity, the numerological system is equal to any classical science of our present days, being also composed of theoretical knowledge and practical applications. By perfecting his knowledge, the adept practitioner will gain a unique perspective on life and access to a completely new world. 

Numerology is a mystical study of the connections between numbers and a person’s life events, and can be found in all traditions and beliefs of the world. The numbers in your life are by no means random. They encode the significant events occurring throughout a person’s life, and determine the exact time intervals after which they occur. 

A person’s name is a personal symbol accompanying him throughout his existence. It’s like a personal trademark each person receives at birth, which marks his individuality. 

To penetrate the mysteries of Numerology means adopting one by one all the forms of existence of creation, and making them a part of whom you are. Aside from such an experience, the numerological practice remains a continuous imitation of mathematics and the repeating of monotonous definitions. Beyond the profound understanding, Numerology presents us with a new world, building bridges between the farthest extremes and offers a descriptive perspective on reality.

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