Destiny, predestination, free will, fate, conscious choices, or purpose, all these notions and many other similar ones arise in many of the questions man poses to himself throughout his life. Most frequently we will find them in moments of indecision, difficult moments or, on the contrary, during moments of deep relaxation or meditative states.

Man’s journey through life starts from a point where nothing is known to him. Man is defined by the sum of the choices he makes, the ones he does not make, and the ones he seems capable of making in the future. Due to his almost invariable behaviour, he becomes predictable and easy to influence. Everything he is, everything he does and everything that surrounds him betrays his character and inclinations. His way of thinking, predominant emotions, preconceptions, beliefs, fears, pleasures, or joys, all of these and many more are easy to identify from the outside for a trained person.

Each person is described through a limitative set of traits and abilities. Perhaps his potential is, indeed, unlimited, but the current reality proves his incapacity to overcome the constrains and blockages that are, most often, generated by himself.

The one thing that is for certain is that each of us has a well-defined role and, once we manage to look with detachment at the whole picture of our existence, we will realize that everything in this life is interconnected. We will thus come to understand each person’s role and the manner in which they intervene in the evolution of others. 

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