Andreea Țurlică

Hi, my name is Andreea Țurlică and since I was a child I have had an affinity for the world of mysteries, for the profoundness of things and nevertheless, for people. I sought to understand the man beyond what he wants to show by words and especially by behavior. Intuitively, I felt that each individual is much more than what he portrays and that there is a good and beautiful part that he does not allow or can not yet bring out/ express to the surface. Out of a desire to understand myself and those around me better, I researched into various fields based on human psychology, emotions, spiritual causes of illness, psychogenealogy, recall healing, face reading and nonverbal language, tarot and numerology.

The science that I got into the most and that has made me rediscover myself as a human being is Numerology. Thanks to Numerology I can say that I have started to take advantage of my talents and abilities on another level, following the interior design courses that opened new horizons for me to the inner world, but also to a fascinating field. I am a naval engineer and a deck officer by profession. I also have a military training in the Romanian navy, where I could say that I lived the most beautiful, rich and deep experiences, accompanied by life lessons and unforgettable friends. As a child, I felt an inexplicable desire to help one another, which I have kept up till this day. I can say that prior to numerology, I often found depth by contemplating the boundless expanse of the seas and oceans we sail in, at sunrise, at sunset, and last but not least in the expanse of the starry sky.

I was pleasantly impressed to discover that the field of Numerology can take me to heights that until recently were impossible for me to understand. I have finally found and rediscovered myself, have developed and grew enormously, so I have decided to continue on this path. I took numerology courses guided step by step by Eduard Agachi, who provided me with all his knowledge.

The human being is a fantastic temple with so many inner beauties and precious gifts received from the divinity. If you are also looking for meaning into this world, here I am to guide you on the path of your becoming.

tel.: +40 747 914 565

Oprea Elena

Hello, my name is Oprea Elena Cristina and I’ve started the journey into the humanist study world with the intention and desire to connect with human beings at a deeper level and discover through various forms all of their beautiful colours.

I have a strong background in language studies, specialising in English, Italian and French at the Ovidius University in Constanta. Having a strong passion to study foreign languages and taking a liking to being a translator/interpreter alongside the desire to garden beautiful relationships with new people and existing ones around me, I have always considered the study of foreign languages as being one of the most effective tools people can use to connect and communicate with each other.

Furthermore, following my training on the I AM project in Coaching and PNL( Neurolinguistic Programming), delivered by The Mind Of The Child Institute, a unique personal development journey in Italy, I have enriched my field of knowledge. This project has given me the opportunity to develop and expand another new and fascinating experience in my professional activity, in which, the empathic spirit, highly relational and the contact with the audience have been aspects of great focus and importance.

The opportunity to study and deepen Numerology, this elaborate and profound knowledge, has fueled my idea of the possibility to mix these tools together and make this blend available to everyone interested in these topics, through sharing and providing my knowledge whilst applying my skills, expertise and personal experience in this regard.

tel.: +39 346 965 4656

Larisa Bostan

Hello, I am Larisa Bostan and since adolescence I have felt an inexplicable attraction for the world of mysteries, for this area of knowledge and perfection of the human being, being fascinated to decipher what hides the human mind and what causes us to have certain behaviors. So I took small steps toward sciences that could answer these questions, such as psychology and numerology. I discovered in Numerology an extremely useful tool to understand myself, to know myself, much deeper than any other form of knowledge, which gave birth to the desire to help those around me to reach their optimum potential spiritually, materially and socially. I am based on a legal training, being licensed in law at the University of Galaţi ‘Dunarea de Jos’ and I also have a diploma in french language proficiency Delf B2. During these years of study I have developed deep analytical, intuitive, empathetic, research skills and reflective listening by interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.

I would like to accompany you in your own process of self-knowledge, development and personal evolution through the practical application of the theories, knowledge and experiences acquired so that you can achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

tel.: +40 751 042 973

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