The Date of Birth

The birth date highlights man’s intimate traits, outlines his personality and his finest character traits. Oftentimes it is difficult to guess which are the elements describing the individuality of a person, because his behaviour sends a completely different message. The birth date is only one of the numerous numerical values that define man in his complexity and refers to his moral norms and the beliefs he guides his life by, and indicates the personal filters through which he perceives himself and everything around him.

The Birth Day defines man’s need of independence, and highlights his ego down to the finest details. The Birth Day is representing the central house of the Personal Numerological Table and, once more, due to its positioning, it is the house responsible for man’s relation with himself. The level of self-respect, the feeling of self-esteem or the extent to which the person accepts his own individuality, all of these are defined by the numbers from your birth day.

Your Birth Day is a given and a gift on which you cannot intervene directly. The subtlety of the ethereal plane is very difficult to perceive for the most well-prepared clairvoyants, and all the more difficult to be penetrated in the complexity of its structure, with the purpose of operating changes. This is the level at which pleasure and pain of the physical body are perceived, but also the one ensuring the mobility and consciousness of the entire body.

The Birth Day controls the central house of the personal table and, like a sun, it manifests its influence on all the other houses around it, ensuring the person’s development and evolution over time. We also notice the indispensability of this number in the growth process and in maintaining the integrity of the entire organism and its operation under optimal parameters.

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