My name is Eduard Agachi,
I am a numerologist  and I am here for you, to join you on your path to excellence and harmony!

About me

Are we really the ones who make choices or do choices define us? Is man able to polish himself as per his will or is he the product of the influences around him? To what extent am I able to take life into my own hands and lead it as per my desires?

These are just some of the questions that have marked my life so far and that have led me to take steps towards a fascinating field such as Numerology. I hope that one day I will discover the truth I am looking for and this will make me embrace even with more joy than now the life I was given to live on this earth.

I received high quality technical training, and thus I obtained a diploma in Marine Navigation and Navigation Equipment and became a navy officer. From a professional and personal point of view, this intense training helped me improve my analytical and decision-making skills and lead me to the decision of following my own path and embark on an extremely challenging and innovative journey.

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Numerology is an ancient knowledge representing an ancient language of symbols and a universal expression of the reality surrounding us.

The Name

The proper name is like a symbol that every man receives at birth. This is what defines him and the method through which he will be recognised and


Destiny, predestination, free will, fate, conscious choices, or purpose, all these notions and many other similar ones arise in many of the questions man poses

The Date of Birth

The birth date highlights man’s intimate traits, outlines his personality and his finest character traits. Oftentimes it is difficult to guess which are the elements

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