Numerology Handbook – Eduard Agachi

Numerology Handbook – Eduard Agachi




Every atom in the universe has written the story of its lifetime in its structure. There is nothing left to chance around us, regardless of how sharp the
grasp of understanding of the most brilliant of the minds may be. Every second of our passage through this world accommodates an endless sequence of events interconnected like in a perfect network.

Beyond the boundaries of fixed sciences, humans are only left with their imagination to experiment the unknown realm of these blurry occurrences. Above imagination lays that clear and widely awake consciousness that, unlike anything else, can capture the essence of truth and, by design, exists outside time and space.

The fundamental principles of numerology are concepts that define or form the time and space, do not submit themselves to the effects of the two variables, and cannot be contained by the classical measuring tools known to man.

Numerology goes beyond the borders of logic and philosophical reasoning, lays above fantasy, fiction or imagination, and inspires and gives rise a symbolic language.

Numerology means a qualitative knowledge of the numbers that describes the origin of each process, together with the causes and the role of its occurrence. The mysteries of the Universe become easier to decipher through the eternal language of numbers, and before the one who masters the secret of numbers, man appears like an open book.

With this work, my wish is to offer a practical and pertinent definition of numerology through a representation that does not set any boundaries to the boundless horizon of knowledge and wisdom and that does not go beyond the limit of common sense and intellectualism.

Do we really make choices in our lives, or do our choices define us?! Is man capable to polish himself to his liking or is he the product of the many influences surrounding him?

In the pages of this book, you will certainly find answers to these questions and, most likely, to many others, as personal. Everything that happens or does not happen to you concerns you and only you. This responsibility rests with you alone.

No matter how complex this manual may appear to you, numerological knowledge will be revealed to you over time, step by step. This process should to be rushed at all, and I promise you that your effort and patience will be fully rewarded.

It is extremely important that the first steps you take in this wide area of esoteric knowledge plant a pleasant experience and quality information deep into your soul and memory. Your entire journey into the hidden secrets of numerology will rest on this building block, and for this, you need a solid support.

Both the book you are now holding in your hands, as well as the writings that will follow it aim to guide and accompany you in this journey of self-knowledge and inner change. The methods and techniques explained are of particular finesse and their applications can be extended to virtually all aspects of life. All you have to do is read it patiently, and whenever your attention is captured by a piece of interesting information, take my advice and linger longer on it. I am sure that with every new reading, you will dwell even deeper into the subtle layers of numerology, and should you read again after years, you will find yourself as amazed by the depth of wisdom encrypted into every paragraph.


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